Ministrone Soup

A thick vegetable soup with a unique combination of Italian spices. Served with white bread toasts.
220 rub.

Chili Soup

Thick southern chili with beef, pork and beans. Served with cheddar, green onions and tortilla chips.

This chili was the Blue-Ribbon winner at a chili cook-off, garnering a prize worth $20,000. 
With surprise ingredients like beer and unsweetened coca, the blend of seasoning and flavors creates a mouth watering chili. 
This chili has been taste tested by people that have searched high and low for the best chili recipes and they is definitely a winner!

390 rub.

Creamy Country Potato Soup

A hearty cream of potato soup served with bacon bits, cheddar cheese and two baguette toasts, each topped with melted cheddar.
280 rub.

Tomato Basil Soup

A hot and fresh creamy tomato soup with basil blended in. Served with a crispy melted cheese sandwich.
310 rub.
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