Waffle Sundae

Hot and fresh Belgian Waffle topped with a scoop of vanila ice-cream, mounted with a whipped cream than drizzled with iris and chocolate syrups.
370 rub.

Carrot Pie

Classic carrot pie accompanied by a russian style home-made cranberry jam and fresh mint.
180 rub.

Apple Tart

Fresh Granny-Smith apple compote with chunks of apples in a soft and delicate crust. Topped with caramelized slices of Golden Delicious apples and a sweet apricot preserve. Served with a whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
310 rub.

Brownie Sundae

A hot and chewy nut-brownie topped with hot chocolate fudge, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate syrup.

350 rub.

Ice-Cream Sundae

Garnished with whipped cream, nuts, cherry and syrup of your choice:
     - Twix
     - Bounty
     - Kit-Kat
     - M&M`s

240 rub. - 2 scoops / 310 rub. - 3 scoops

240 rub.
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